Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pelltier Effect

telescopic guitar

telescopic backpacker guitar. (clamp frets?)

non moving leslie

I cant remember if I heard this one somewhere. moving microphone + stationary microphone.

shower bathroom

[non-music] showerhead in corner of bathroom. entire room is tiled.

Monday, June 27, 2005


The idiots working at the fast food place should be automated out their jobs. Robots can build cars from scratch but not my burger? Any idiot can use those cash registers.


Steering Wheel Drum kit

Steering wheels should have piezo drum triggers on them.

Dynamic Metronome

For recording drummers who have never played to a click. Metronomes should sound the coming beat in relation to when a drummer plays the current one. This way if a drummer "screws up" he is not off beat the next time around.


Camera phones should be able to take a photograph a liscence plate, OCR the number and call the person in the car corrisponding car. The wireless carrier would have to have a database of liscence plate and cell phone numbers.

"excuse ma'am could you get out of the right lane? your driving 90 miles per year."